Is your title company blending in instead of standing out?

The Digital Closing Package exists to enhance the closing experience for buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders both pre and post-close; ultimately providing our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Put quite simply, the Digital Closing Package keeps all parties to a transaction happy, so they return for more repeat business and referrals.
The Digital Closing Package is an innovate pre and post-close technology that is uniquely designed to accomplish three things:

  • Keep all parties to the transaction properly informed of the progress of the closing process by providing SMS texts or emails or important milestones
  • Keep all parties educated and informed through buyer/seller and agent/lender portals for all their transactions.
  • More repeat business and referrals for all parties with automated post-close marketing

Providing this enhanced experience will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and drive more business to your title company or real estate law firm.

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  • Lender
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Did you know that the number one complaint by buyers, sellers, real estate agents and lenders is that they were not properly informed during the closing process?


Don't they deserve better?

With DCP Milestones, we solve this problem and keep all parties
to a transaction informed.

How does it work?

  • Title company provides up to 8 milestones per transaction type
  • During the transaction, all parties to the transaction are provided milestone text messages or emails informing them of the milestone reached
  • Each text or email signify the property address, the milestone completed, and the next milestone

Buyer and Seller Portal

  • Mapping of property
  • Transaction information
  • Milestone Timeline
  • Secure Wiring Instructions
  • Document Sharing
  • Contact information and pictures
    of all parties to the transaction
  • Moving checklist
  • Moving wishlist
  • FAQ of Closing Process

Real Estate Agent / Lender Portal

  • Marketing dashboard
  • Can view all transaction
  • Mapping of Property
  • Milestone Timeline

Pre-Close Portals

Pre-Close portal for all parties involved in the transaction keeping everyone informed and on the same page:



Post-Close Portals

  • Mapping
  • Transaction Information
  • Customized Preferred Vendors
  • Ability to View Closing Package
  • Ability to upload home related documents
  • Contact information for all parties involved in the transaction

Automated Satisfaction Surveys
and Reporting

Celebrate your successes and address concerns via the DCP automated satisfaction surveys. After closing, the buyer, seller, real estate agents, and lenders are prompted to take a short survey about their closing experience.

  • All surveys are provided to the title company via email real time.
  • All scores are recorded, and title company can create satisfaction reports

Automated Thank You Emails

Once a transaction is completed, the DCP system automatically sends out a thank you email to the buyer, seller, real estate agents and lenders, showing your appreciation for their business.

Post-Close Marketing

Automated, targeted emails that go out to our clients after closing will keep all parties involved in the transaction top of mind for your clients. Everyone stays in front of the client, with no work on your part.

  • Welcome to the Digital Closing Package Email
  • Personal Emails are sent out each year with all parties involved
    (Anniversary of purchase of home, Happy Holidays)
  • Content based emails are sent out each year (example: mortgage rates,
    homes sold in the area, homestead exemption reminders)

Access Notifications

Does your current system provide you access notifications when your clients view their closing documents? These can be clear indicators when the client is back in the market and you will be the first to know! Every time a client logs in, you will be provided an email with all information about the client, the documents that were viewed, the date of original closing, and the contact information of all parties involved in the transaction.


There is one thing we know for sure … title companies and real estate law firms do not want more work or additional processes! To accommodate our clients, the Digital Closing Package is afull-service model. It is simple to roll-out and only takes a few seconds per transaction. With the Digital Closing Package, you will not need to change or alter your current business processes. We do everything for you, so you can concentrate on your core business. You will truly be amazed on how easy, efficient and effective it is.


Keeping you and your client’s data confidential is our number one priority. The Digital Closing Package is SOC 2, Type 2 certified and undergoes external penetration testing to make sure all safeguards are in place to keep all data secure.



With the Digital Closing Package, we focus on all stages of growth, namely short-term growth, mid-term growth, and long-term growth. If you are committed to scaling your business or firm, with very little to do on your part, then the Digital Closing Package is for you.The Digital Closing Package has many more features that are integrated into the system to drive more closings to your title company or real estate law firm. Contact us today for a 15-minute demo to learn about all the features and benefits we offer.


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